Front image of the bundle products including 8-oil defining gelly, 8-oil blend, curl ease styling lotion, freshen up hair mist, clean curls cleanser, tlc replenishing cleanser, go-2 hydrating hair milk, healthy edges smoothing gel, twist & curl butter and pump lid
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The Bundle Infographic

The Bundle | Comprehensive Hair Treatment for Curly Hair

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Have it all with The Bundle! This package includes our entire curly hair care product line from the 8-Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment to our Twist & Curl Hair Butter, so you can maintain healthy and gorgeous hair from your edges to the tip of your curls.

Hair Benefits:

  • Products use natural ingredients to boost moisture levels in dry curly hair
  • Helps promote healthy hair growth
  • Keeps curls well defined
  • Smooths edges to provide edge control
  • Soothes and improves dry, itchy scalps 


  1. Begin with 8 Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment, shampoo with Clean Curls Hair Cleanser and finish with Go-2 Hydrating Leave-in Hair Milk or TLC Replenishing Conditioner
  2. Use Healthy Edges Smoothing Gel to lay edges, 8-Oil Defining Hair Gelly, Curl Ease Styling Lotion and/or Twist & Curl Hair Butter to style hair as usual
  3. Apply Freshen-Up Hair Mist to revive second- or third-day curls 


  • Healthy Edges Smoothing Gel - 2 oz./ 59 mL
  • 8 Oil Defining Hair Gelly - 8 oz. / 236 mL
  • Curl Ease Styling Lotion - 8 oz. / 236 mL
  • Go-2 Hydrating Leave-In Hair Milk - 8 oz. / 236 mL
  • Clean Curls Hair Cleanser - 8 oz. / 236 mL
  • TLC Replenishing Conditioner - 8 oz. / 236 mL
  • Freshen Up Hair Mist - 8 oz. / 236 mL
  • 8 Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment - 4 oz. / 177 mL
  • Twist & Curl Hair Butter - 4 oz. / 177 mL