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Healthy Edges | Smoothing Gel

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Smooth your edges and promote a healthy hairline with our Healthy Edges Smoothing Gel. Designed to deliver edge control for natural hair, this hair smoothing gel uses a gentle, all-natural formula to create sleek, healthy edges with a perfect finish without white residue or flaking. 

Hair Benefits:

  • Helps lay unruly hairlines for edge control
  • Combats fly-away hairs and breakage
  • Versatile formula can be used on thick, coarse hair and delicate hairlines
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Soothes dry or itchy scalps


  1. Apply a small amount to hairline
  2. Brush, shape or style edges as usual


Distilled water, rose distillate, glycerin, castor seed oil, shea butter, cremaphor A-25 (cosmetic grade oil-in-water emulsifier), qafquat 737 (water-soluble polymer), rosemary essential oil, rose essential oil, blackcurrant bud essential oil

Up North Naturals proudly uses only natural ingredients in their hair products.


2 oz./ 59 mL